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At Morni Tandoor, we specialize in manufacturing and sales of Clay Ovens, Tandoor, Tandoori Ovens, Gas clay Tandoor, portable tandoor, electric tandoor, Punjabi tandoor, Indian tandoor, clay tandoor, domestic tandoor clay oven, home tandoor, portable tandoor, used tandoor, Uzbek tandoor for sale, catering drum tandoor, restaurant tandoor and propane tandoori oven for sale and are shipped across Canada and USA.

We offer tandoors and skewers in different sizes per your requirements with the best tandoor in class. We also have tandoor for sale online, call or email us for all inquiries

Our models are suitable for a variety of uses, customers usually ask us for domestic tandoor, catering drum tandoor for parties, commercial restaurant tandoor for Indian, Pakistani and Punjabi restaurants, also portable tandoor for bbq parties.

Tandoor Morni is a reputable manufacturer of clay oven tandoor, charcoal tandoor, home tandoor, and catering tandoor for sale in Canada and the USA.

You now have access to tandoori ovens for sale of the most outstanding quality including electric tandoor for restaurants.

With stunning tandoori clay ovens and copper tandoor that are as gorgeous to look at as the food cooked in them like fish tikka, chicken tikka, vegetables, smoked tomato, grilled potato, shrimp, paneer tikka, naan bread, lamb tikka, chapati will be to your taste buds.

We are bringing traditional tandoor cooking into your commercial kitchen. You'll get the authentic experience and flavor that only a true wood-burning tandoori clay oven can offer, in addition to the moist and tender results that a tandoor can produce.

Domestic gas tandoor elevates your backyard barbecue and is ideal for cooking for your family or a large group of visitors in your cottage.

Today we are proud to power one of the best kitchens in hotels like Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt Regency, and Four Seasons Resorts across the USA and Canada with our tandoor ovens along with our best-in-class skewers and serving restaurant kitchens in the USA across all cities.

So buy the best tandoori oven from us today and enjoy BBQing as you get perfectly cooked meat, fish tikka, chicken tikka, vegetables, smoked tomato, grilled potato, shrimp, paneer tikka, naan bread, lamb tikka that is crispy on the outside and moist and succulent on the inside.

We have created the ideal BBQ tandoori oven for domestic and commercial use based on our experience building clay tandoors.

We have the necessary qualifications, industry expertise, and standards to design Clay Oven Tandoor for sale in Canada and USA that are contemporary and true to the original core concept. We are now having commercial tandoor for sale, hurry up what are you waiting for?

We provide a variety of clay tandoor ovens for sale for domestic and commercial kitchens to accommodate various customer needs. Our most asked Punjabi tandoor for sale is back!

Our models suit various uses, including small, medium, and large restaurants, catering operations, and domestic requirements.

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