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Tandoor Morni has been a recognized name in the industry for over two decades. Such a long history surely speaks of its success, reliability and high level of customer satisfaction. We take pride in offering exclusive, CSA and NSF Certified Tandoors in USA for restaurants and people who love to grill and chill in their leisure time, rainy weather or on some special occasions.

Due to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of designing modern yet traditional tandoors, we know how to make our customers happy. While our tandoors for sale are specially designed for catering and restaurant use, our clay ovens for sale are also perfect for domestic use.

At Tandoor Morni, we offer a vast assortment of gas tandoors, pizza oven, tandoori oven, tandoori grill, and clay oven in USA. Our designed clay oven is equipped with a seasoned clay pot which imparts an earthy aroma to dishes cooked, grilled and roasted in it. Once you bring any of our tandoors home, you will be able to enjoy evenly cooked meat with perfect crispiness from outside and moist, luscious and succulent flavors from inside.

Moreover, you can also devour on delicious and mouthwatering tandoori dishes like tandoori chicken, smoked chicken, naan bread, tandoori prawns, tandoori tikka, Peshawari seekh, seekh kebab, and much more on your picnic as our tandoors are portable and can be moved from one place to another easily. The best thing about cooking in a tandoor is that all nutrients and minerals remain preserved.

So, invest in the Tandoors and Clay ovens in USA and Canada and enjoy the best food which is delectable and healthy at the same time!

What’s Special about Tandoor Morni’s Clay Ovens and Tandoors?

We, Tandoor Morni, have designed our entire line of tandoors and clay ovens for sale after performing intensive research. Each of our products has been designed by skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have expertise in blending the traditional design with modern concepts. Thus, what you get from us is a top-class tandoor in USA of unmatched quality.

  • NSF certified – means our offered tandoors for sale are safe to use.
  • CSA certified – certified Gas Tandoors for sale for indoor use in North America and Canada to be used on Natural gas or Propane.
  • Seasoned clay – to enjoy cooking and grilling tandoori dishes for a very long time.
  • Exterior casing – high-grade stainless-steel construction to ensure high durability.
  • Stainless steel – double layered for better insulation.
  • Conversion kit – you can switch to natural gas or propane gas with our gas tandoors for sale when you don’t feel like using charcoal as fuel.
  • Low operational cost – due to efficient insulation achieved by using fiber wool and sand.
  • Simple and portable – for ease of manageability and operability.
  • Capable of sustaining high rate of thermal heat and shock.

Tandoor Morni is the leading manufacturer and supplier of gas tandoors and clay ovens in Canada and US. We offer tandoors in different models and specifications to suit the various needs of our customers. No matter, whether you are looking for a small, a medium or a large size tandoor for sale in USA and Canada, your search ends at Tandoor Morni.

Buy Gas Tandoor or Clay Oven from us today to savor the most palatable, nutritious and aromatic tandoori dishes!

Our Gas Tandoors & Clay Ovens

The flavor of tandoori dishes is unmatchable.


Got cravings? Undoubtedly, tandoor delicacies

Tandoors / clay ovens are the traditional equ

  • Dimensions – Front 19” / Side 19” / Height 27”
Clay Ovens for Sale
  • Dimensions – Front 32″ / Side 32″ / Height 37″
  • Dimensions - Front 36" / Side 36" /Front Height 37" / Back
  • Dimensions - Front 34" / Side 34" /Front Height 37"
  • Dimensions - Front 32" / Side 32" /Front Height 37" / Back
  • Dimensions – Front 32″ / Side 32″ / Height 37″
  • Dimensions - Front 32" / Side 32" / Height 37"
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  • Dimensions - Front 24" / Side 24" / Height 37"
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  • Dimensions - Front 36" / Side
  • Dimensions - Front 34" / Side 34" / Height 37"
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  • Dimensions - Front 32" / Side 32" / Height 37"
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