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Calgary’s tandoor ovens

Behind the scenes at Calgary’s tandoor ovens

What’s your favorite thing about tandoori cuisine? The overwhelming scent of herbs & spices? The rich & smokey flavors that infuse every dish? Succulent & tender meats marinated to perfection? Perhaps all of the above?

For those who have a special place in their hearts for the rich, smoky aroma of tandoor-cooked delicacies, Calgary is a treasure trove of Desi cuisine waiting to be discovered.

When you step into a traditional Indian or Pakistani restaurant in Calgary, it’s easy to get lost in the delicious flavors of tandoori cuisine. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Calgary's tandoor ovens? Let's take a peek!

The tandoor oven

At the core of every authentic tandoori restaurant in Calgary is the tandoor oven itself. These cylindrical ovens use charcoal or wood as their heat source and are often lined with clay for better heat retention and more even cooking. And for increased durability, it's best to use one with double stainless steel casings. This makes it more resistant to pressure, heat, and chemical attack.

Firing up the heat

First, the tandoor oven needs to be prepped. This means starting a fire inside it to create the intense heat required for tandoori cooking. The fire is usually fueled by hardwood, which imparts a distinct smoky flavor to the dishes. The temperature inside a tandoor oven can reach up to 900°F (480°C) or even higher, making it ideal for quick, high-heat cooking.

Skewering & marinating

While the tandoor oven heats up, the chefs carefully prepare the meats, vegetables, and breads. The meats are marinated in a blend of yogurt and spices, which not only adds flavor but also tenderizes them. The marinating process can take hours or even overnight to ensure that the flavors penetrate deeply through the dishes.

Once the meats & veggies are threaded onto skewers, they’re carefully inserted into the tandoor’s “mouth.” The intense heat sears the outside of the food, locking in the juices and cooking it thoroughly at the same time.

Did you know?

You can now bring the authentic flavors of Tandoori dishes to your home. No matter where you are, whether in the USA or Canada.

With the convenience and safety of tandoori oven by Tandoor Morni, you can taste the original flavors of tandoori cuisine or customize the dish according to your preferences (you can add or exclude whatever you want!)

So, get a tandoor today & taste the authenticity of tandoori cuisine!

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