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The tandoor can be defined as an instrument, which is used to cook a variety of food in a delicious manner. Its temperature can easily reach up to 900°F; the main benefit of these ovens is that once they are heated, they will maintain a consistent high temperature for hours with very little additional fuel. It is very essential in those parts of the world where fuel is scarce. You can choose from several varieties; some of them are given below:

  • Gas Tandoor: It is similar to square tandoor, the only difference is the fuel used. It is either fueled by natural gas or propane gas. It is fitted with burners and baffle plate that on the burners to deflect flame. The burners are also used to heat up the clay pot. It is easy to use, very economical in nature and efficient.
  • Clay Tandoor Oven: This product is made up of Indian clay; several additives are added to the clay mixture to boost durability, strength, and flavors. These additives include hay, sheep hair or goat hair. Some tandoor ovens burn so hotly, their temps can reach 1000 degrees centigrade. The clay used is considered purer and stronger when fired.

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