Let’s talk about tandoor

Got cravings? Undoubtedly, tandoor delicacies are irresistible.

Ever wondered; what makes them taste so authentic? Yes! The tandoor they are cooked in.

Tandoor is used to prepare a wide range of delicacies. Cravings for tandoori naans, tandoori roti, tandoori chaaps, tandoori paneer and tandoori chicken can be irresistible at times. People often try to mimic the style on the conventional gas stoves but the tandoori effect is very authentic and can be only created by using the tandoor itself. 

Brief on tandoor

Tandoor is basically an oven that is being used by humans from very ancient times. A traditional tandoor is made up of clay and it is cylindrical in shape which lets the food get cooked from all the sides. 

Modern tandoors are slightly different from the traditional tools as they are made up of different materials but the basic principle of their working remains the same to maintain the taste and texture. Tandoors are now made up of bricks, steel, and cast iron as well.

Difference between tandoor and oven

You might be wondering that; if tandoors are ovens then why do have microwave ovens. Well, both of them cook the food by heating it from every side but microwave ovens are not as hot as tandoors. Moreover, tandoor roasts and grills the food simultaneously. The juice dripping from the cooked food gives a smoky texture to the dish when vaporized. There is no smoke element in the microwave ovens. 

Tandoors have evolved for ages; there are different types of tandoors available in the market, designed slightly different from each other.

Variety of tandoor for sale in the market

  1. Gas tandoor– As the name suggests, it runs on gas. There are burners and baffle plates for even heating of the food so that the food is cooked properly on all sides. 
  • Drum tandoor- This is most similar to the traditional tandoor. There is an earthen pot fitted inside a steel drum. The coal burns on the base of the drum which has an opening. 
  • Square tandoor- These can be powered by electricity, gas, and charcoal as well. The heat is maintained by thermal insulation within a steel box fitted with a clay pot. 
  • Dirt tandoor- These work under high temperature thus requires good exhaustion. 

Wait! What if we let you know that you can now enjoy the tandoori delicacies at your home?

Yes! You won’t have to go to the restaurant or wait for the arrival of your order while having strong cravings for tandoori food. You can simply cook them for yourself with a portable electric tandoor at your home. 

What is an electric tandoor?

An electric tandoor runs on electricity and helps you prepare any tandoori dish easily at home. It can be used for roasting, grilling, and baking just like the traditional tandoor. These are easier to install and require less time than traditional tandoor to cook the food. There is a wide variety of electric tandoor available in the market which is handier, safer, and easier to use than the traditional tandoor. 

What to look in an electric tandoor?

Every tandoor is different than others which makes them more or less appropriate for your needs. There are some important features that can be considered while purchasing an electric tandoor; as following:

Food capacity- Check the quantity of food that can be prepared in the tandoor at once. Know your need and choose accordingly.

Energy consumption- Tandoors with more power consumption can cook the food quicker but that affects your electricity bill. Make sure that your tandoor can give good value for your money.

Go grab the delicacy!


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