Everything To Know About Tandoors and Tandoori Cooking

The flavor of tandoori dishes is unmatchable. Even if you use the best spices, the normal cooking will never match up to tandoori cooking. And most importantly, the tandoori dishes are healthy because they use less oil and are properly cooked from all sides. 

Years ago, eating and enjoying tandoori dishes were only possible in restaurants because tandoors were bulky and recommended for home cooking. Also, they were risky to use without the help of professionals. But today, things have changed and every house has become a restaurant. It’s because there are tandoors for sale for home use. There are portable tandoors as well in the market. It means every home chef is a professional safe now. The only thing is they should know to use the tandoor properly. 

Tandoor is a cylindrical-shaped structure made from clay or stainless steel with an opening on top. Clay or stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of the tandoors because these materials are highly insulated. They prevent the loss of heat, which allows proper cooking. Most importantly, these materials are safe. Today, you will also find square or rectangular tandoors for sale. 

Working of the tandoors 

Tandoors work or function using charcoal or wood fire. As fire shouldn’t touch the food items, charcoal or wood is placed at the bottom of the tandoor. Unlike normal cooking, food is exposed to live fire for cooking. The only thing is you can cook food items that require radiant heat cooking, conventional cooking, or hot air cooking. 

You don’t have to ignite fire every time or put lots of charcoal or wood pieces in the tandoors. Also, you don’t have to fan the fire to maintain the temperature. You will be surprised to know that additional smoke is generated by the fat and juices that drip down on the wood fire or the charcoal while cooking. 

Cooking in tandoors is very tricky. It’s because the temperature in the tandoors escalates quickly. Sometimes, the temperature escalates up to 480 degrees Celsius or 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Excess temperature burns the food items and spoils their tastes. So, make sure proper temperature is maintained in the tandoor throughout cooking. 

How to cook in tandoors?

For cooking flatbreads, you should first place the uncooked flatbread on the wet surface or wet one side of the flatbread. Thereafter, you should whack the uncooked flatbreads against the side of the tandoor. The wet side of the flatbread sticks properly on the surface because the tandoors are hot. 

The bread receives the heat and cooking begins. Slowly, the bread inflates and gets unstuck from the sides. You don’t have to work hard in unsticking the bread from the surface of the tandoor. But, make sure you remove the bread before it falls on the fire using a metal stick. Or else, the bread will burn. 

For cooking other items, you need skewers. For example, to cook chicken, you should marinate it properly, insert it in the skewer, and put the skewer in the tandoor. There is no such space to hold the skewers in the tandoors so you should be very careful while cooking. Make sure neither your skewer nor the chicken piece falls in the fire. 

Tandoori items have brought a huge change in the flavors. So, get a tandoor for your home and enjoy this flavor whenever you want without spending unnecessarily in the restaurants.


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