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Well, it is right to say that a portion of delicious food is something that can easily turn the world upside down, especially when it is cooked in a traditional way. Yeah, you read it right! “A traditional way”! By traditional, we mean “tandoor”. In the early days, when there were no such modern appliances available like microwaves, otgs, ovens, etc… people were used to preparing delicacies on earth tandoors.

 A Clay Tandoor (earth tandoor) is a cylindrical cooking unit made up of clay containing an in-house heating source for cooking and very hefty well-insulated walls where people used to stick their dough against the insulated walls of the tandoor from inside. There are plenty of benefits of cooking food in tandoor ovens.

 If you also fall in the category of people who love the authentic flavor and aroma of food, then my dear, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to highlight some advantages of cooking food in clay tandoors. 

Just for clearing the air, on the web, there are many sites that sell good tandoors under the “Tandoor for Sale” banner. Once discovering the sites check and compare the price, quality, brand, and specification according to your need. However, if you think buying tandoor ovens online is a challenging task, then look for stores near you where tandoors are available for sale (tandoor for sale), and start healthy and easy coking from today.

The Ultimate Perks of cooking food in tandoor oven are mentioned below-

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that preparing food in a Tandoor Oven is as similar as utilizing and preparing food in a BBQ. With this being said, however, there are some paramount key differences that make Tandoor cooked food tastier and finger-licking. 

So without wasting any minute, let’s get dwelled in the benefits of preparing food in tandoor oven. 

  • As we have already mentioned, the traditional tandoor ovens are made from using clay. Hence, the clay tandoor preserves the smoky aroma of the clay giving the food its idiosyncratic flavor and taste. 
  • Without a doubt, almost every preparation that is needed to be cooked in the tandoor involves marinating and spicing up the food to accentuate its taste. With the help of metal blades, food products such as bread, meat, and vegetables can easily be prepared in the tandoor (as the food will get in direct contact with the heat). 
  • One of the major advantages of preparing delicacies in a tandoor oven is that it requires zero to the minimal amount of oil, ghee, or butter. After preparing the food,  you feel the need for buttering or oiling, then you can add the ghee or whatever you like once the food is ready. 
  • Due to high temperatures and sustained heating techniques, preparing delicacies in a tandoor oven is much easier than other methods. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly.

So, these were some major advantages of having a Tandoor Oven in the kitchen. Hence, wait for none, better grab one. 


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