Choose the Modern Tandoors for Your Modern Kitchen

When you decide to get a tandoor for your home kitchen, there is a lot of options available in the market. Modern tandoors are the best choice as they are designed to fit in every modern kitchen in homes without requiring too much space like traditional tandoors. Traditional tandoors are meant for big space in restaurants and hotels or cooking in open spaces such as in your garden area. But still, modern tandoors have many advantages due to their compact design and modern styles and functioning.

So, if you are craving smoky and juicy tandoori dishes but don’t want to go to a restaurant, get a modern tandoor for your home to cook those dishes any time you want. At Tandoor Morni, we have the best modern tandoors and clay ovens for sale at a very budget price. If you still wonder whether to pick a traditional tandoor or modern tandoor, here’re some key features of modern tandoors that make them special:

  • Compact in sizes
  • Doesn’t require a bog or open space
  • Durable
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy to carry for picnics
  • Low costs

Besides this, modern tandoors use modern ways of cooking for an easy and convenient experience. You can use the following tandoors in your home as per your choice and comfort.

Gas Tandoor Oven

Gas tandoors are the closest to the traditional clay oven tandoors that we usually find in restaurants. It is shaped like a box-like clay oven and offers great heat circulation for all-around cooking. Instead of coal, a gas tandoor uses gas as a fuel for cooking. You can cook any tandoor dish in a gas tandoor oven. 

Electric Tandoors

As the name suggests, electric tandoors run on electricity as a fuel. The best thing about electric tandoors is that they come with shelves and skewers for comfortable cooking. Apart from baking tandoori dishes such as kebabs, chicken, tikka masala, and naan, you can bake pizzas, cake, and bread in an electric tandoor. 

Catering Tandoors

Catering tandoors are best for food parties and picnics. They are best for open-style cooking in your lawn or backyard. You can cook any tandoor dish easily and quickly to serve your guests.  

 The best things about modern tandoors are their size and portability that makes them easy to use and install in any kitchen. They are affordable and available easily from many certified sellers. At Tandoor Morni, we sell NSF and CSA certified for safe use for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Our modern tandoors and clay oven for sale are simple and portable with low operational cost. Our double-layered stainless steel exterior casing offers better insulation and heat circulation for cooking and grilling for a very long time. 


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